Worx Landroid support – is it any good?

I’ve now had Worx Landroid autonomous robot lawn mowers since 2019. And I’m using plural, since I really do have 2 of them! They’re busy trying to mow my lawn the best they can, and while they do struggle greatly (and I’ve covered some of that on my other website: Worx Landroid L2000 (WR155E) – an honest review (scroll down a bit).

But one topic that is often overlooked (by yours truly as well!) is the support and warranty of each robot. My older robot has been out of warranty for a year already, and the younger one is only covered by the retailers extended warranty. So if something goes wrong now, I’m pretty much on my own.

But has something gone wrong so far and have I gotten in touch with Worx Support?

In fact – yes. And my experience is, to my delight, surprisingly positive.

Below, I’ll list some of my experiences with Worx Support for Landroid lawn mowers.

Worx Landroid Cutting disc’s bearing sounds bad

So I got in touch with Worx Support because my Worx Landroid was making a horribly hoarse sound any time it was trying to do some cutting.

I asked for schematics (exploding diagram) for the device. They initially pushed back, asking me to send the mower to them for maintenance – but I was suspicious, as I was expecting some surprise charges and didn’t want to send the mower abroad in the middle of the lawncare season.

They finally did send me the diagram, and after reviewing it, I simply applied WD-40 (a lot of WD-40!) to a few select spots and got rid of most of the noise. I suspect the noise wasn’t as much the bearing breaking than it was some dried residue of lengthy grass being chewn to bits around the axle of the cutting board.

Overall? A professional and courteous exchange.

Worx Landroid power supply unit getting tired

Another time, I had a power supply unit that was – apparently – overheating. Quite an accomplishment in the Finnish conditions!

I reported this to Worx Support within my original 3-year warranty, and even though there was a bit of back-and-forth (and I actually ended up ghosting them for 6 months because the power supply MOSTLY worked), they eventually decided to send me a new charger for free.

I’ve written about this case here before:

Much appreciated.

An odd firmware update making the robot thoroughly weird

Some of the firmware updates might break your robots. Just in the last month (July 2023), a firmware update caused my robot to drive over the boundary wire, immediately notice it, and shut itself down. And this was happening almost every time the robot approached the wire at a 90° angle.

I reported it to Support. And I suppose many others did as well, but they ended up shipping a firmware update a couple of weeks later, largely if not completely fixing the issue.

Overall, Worx Support is surprisingly good. My expectations weren’t very high, so I guess it’s easy to exceed them.

Shame I didn’t get paid for this post, because I ended up being pretty positive for a change 🙂

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I post about my gadget experiences on this site.

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I post about my gadget experiences on this site.

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