What’s AliExpress’ IOSS number?

This short article will answer that burning question you must be asking if you have ordered stuff from AliExpress, and suddenly got a threatening letter from your Customs office, demanding you pay VAT for the gadgets you bought from AliExpress.

For about a year now, any package entering the European Union’s VAT zone needs to be taxed, no matter how big or small the value of the package is.

What’s AliExpress’ IOSS number?

It’s IM5280002556. If you’re seeing this on Google, you’re welcome. If you visited my website to see it, thanks.

Do AliExpress sellers have IOSS numbers?

They might, but you don’t need them. You need the marketplace’s IOSS number – and that’s AliExpress. And the number is IM5280002556.

Why do I repeat the correct IOSS number on the page so many times?

Because I want Google to surface it for people looking for it.

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I post about my gadget experiences on this site.

By koskila

I post about my gadget experiences on this site.

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